5 Top Tips for Renting in Edinburgh


1) Stay friendly with your current landlord!

Don’t forget to stay friends with your current landlord! Without a good reference from them that says you are a responsible tenant, you can find it incredibly hard to find someone willing to let you rent their property.

2) Know where you want to live

Where isn’t just about your budget, knowing where would be a good place for you is essential. Students tend to prefer central locations to be close to the campus (and to other students) and so they concentrate in places like Marchmont and Bruntsfield. While young professionals also like the city centre they also often look further to Stockbridge or New Town. Young families though want to look further out in more residential areas - especially since central locations can make owning a car very difficult.

3) Know who’s letting the property

Private landlord, or letting agency? It can make a big difference to your experience. Renting directly from private landlords can often mean a lower initial deposit and people struggling with their finances can find this very attractive. However letting agencies can be much quicker with maintenance and repair work as they have a list of contractors vying for their business. If in doubt look up the agency online and see their customer reviews.

4) Be ready to commit

People often lose out on a property that they love because they spend too long deciding whether to actually take the plunge and apply for it. If you leave it a week before you get organised enough to apply then you shouldn’t be too surprised if you find that they’ve already let it to someone else. Also: try and view a property as soon as you see it advertised, agents and landlords often stop taking viewings after they’ve had a certain amount of interest.

5) Know where your deposit is

You’re deposit is your landlords assurance of good behaviour, but you don’t want to be worried about getting it back after doing everything right. In Scotland landlords are now legally obliged to put your deposit in a third party scheme where it will be protected. Always ask your agent or landlord which scheme they use.