Opportunity knocks for the Scottish Government with the introduction of the Private Tenancies Bill, but will they seize the day?

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has laid out plans for the private rented sector today as part of the government's legislative programme for the last session of the Scottish Parliament before the 2016 elections.

For further details of the Private Tenancies Bill click here:

In order to increase both fairness and growth, the Scottish Government have set themselves something of a challenge in trying to deliver all of the following simultaneously:

- improved security for tenants

- clearer rights and safeguards for landlords

- increased investment (of the right sort) into the private rented sector

A key focus for 1LET is the effect that the new bill will inevitably have on the day to day practicalities of property management. Our experience suggests that, whilst we strongly support the Scottish Governments overall objectives, some of the new proposals may be extremely difficult (and expensive) to administer in practice.     

Picture courtesy of TABPI (Trade Association Business Poblications International)