Price Change for House in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) Applications

Effective from the beginning of June 2017, the City of Edinburgh Council has updated the way it charges landlords for House in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) applications.

Your property is a HMO if:

  • at least 3 unrelated tenants live there and
  • they share basic amenities with other tenants

In the case of landlords who have a property managed by 1LET this most often relates to student properties with 3+ tenants.

For landlords with fully managed HMO properties 1LET will now apply for a 3 year licence on a case by case basis (effective from 1st June 2017). This could mean savings for landlords as up until now HMO applications have been an annual requirement.

However, since the fees remain the same for 1 or 3 year applications, it could become more expensive for those who are not granted a 3 year licence and have to continue with annual applications. Click below for more information or to download the new HMO Application Fees (PDF).