Private Housing (Tenancies) Bill published

The Scottish Government have recently published the Private Housing (Tenancies) Bill, stating it "will ensure tenants will have more security, stability and predictability when privately renting a home in Scotland."

The Bill, published on 8th October 2015, is a result of the information gathered by the Government through their two public consultations regarding a 'new tenancy for the private rented sector'. 1LET responded to, and shared with you, both responses to the public consultations via previous newsletters and blogs:


The key aspects that the bill proposes to change are:

  • Introduction of a new open-ended Private Residential Tenancy for all future PRS lets.
  • Landlords will no longer have the ability to regain possession of their property simply because the tenancy has come to its end date (otherwise known as the ‘no-fault’ ground). Instead, a landlord will be required to use one of the proposed new modernised grounds for repossession.
  • Introducing notice periods linked to how long the tenant had lived in the property, which include shorter notice periods under certain specified circumstances.
  • Introducing a Model Tenancy Agreement for all future PRS lets.
  • Rents can only be increased once in a 12 month period (with 12 weeks’ advance notice) to allow rent predictability. Tenants will also be able to refer perceived unreasonable rent increases, that takes their rent beyond the market rate, for adjudication to protect them from rent hikes. Scottish Ministers have the power to cap the levels of rent increases for sitting tenants in Rent Pressure Zones (RPZs). This is a discretionary power which local authorities may apply to Ministers to make use of.


Further information: