The Private Rental Sector - Looking After Tenants is Good Business

Two things landlords look for when letting their property are; long term tenants and the ability to find new tenants quickly and easily. These simple and obvious aims can translate into a surprising line of results.

If a landlord wants tenants to stay in a property for an extended period of time the tenant's comfort should be a priority. Landlords naturally have a vested interest in the value of the property and not only are they looking for a high rental yield, they are looking at the eventuality of selling their investment for a profit. This means that good landlords will not only consider the long-term quality and value of the property but also consider factors that will maximise tenant satisfaction as well.

More and more landlords are converting properties to be greener and more environmentally friendly, as this lowers the tenants energy bills and increases their property value neatly killing two birds with one stone. Landlords are looking out for the long-term performance and the life-cycle cost of the building meaning properties can end up being better designed, and with a lower carbon footprint than buildings built for sale or even many private homes.

Always looking to keep a property attractive to tenants means that these properties get periodic upgrades and they often far outstrip private housing for long term planning and green appliances.

It is a universal truth that landlords will look after their own interests. But as those interests become aligned with tenant satisfaction and social responsibility, the private rental sector is showing a progressive trend that may see it lead the field in home efficiency and maintenance.